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Peggy Tileston, MA, MT-BC, CMSII-BC, CLYL

About Me

I've spent the last 35 years serving as a therapist, educator, and consultant who assists individuals and groups in navigating away from beliefs and behaviors that cause suffering towards ways of thinking and daily practices that build resiliency and well being in all aspects of their lives. My greatest pleasure is guiding others to resource and develop their innate capacities for creativity, compassion, joy and connection. When not happily engaged in my work,  I can be found practicing what I teach: making music or art, meditating, doing yoga, petting other people's dogs ( I'm currently "between dogs"), escaping into nature, connecting locally and globally to build community, laughing and lollygagging around with friends and family...

How It Works

Individual sessions: I'm available for sessions in person if you are in the Philadelphia, PA region and through email, phone and Skype if you are not.

Groups, classes and workshops: Check the Events page to keep up to date on current and future public offerings. We can also design a class or workshop based upon your needs. 

My fees are determined by the nature and duration of the work we do together, so please contact me  for more information. Together we will create the best program that works for you.  Although I do not accept insurance, I’m happy to negotiate creative payment plans.

Testimonials and Thank You Notes

"...I always left feeling a bit more liberated and with more clarity... I will not abandon
myself. You have taught me to see that I have reserves of strength far greater than I allowed myself to see."
- E. R., therapist

"I thank you for your wisdom, caring, challenges, understanding, compassion and presence. You have helped me grow as a musician and person."
- C.M., musician

“On behalf of the Employee Enrichment Day Planning Committee, I would like to thank you for your participation in our program. The presentation you gave on Laughter Yoga was so enlightening and fun!  You showed us that laughing is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Your participation helped make our event a huge success. Thanks again.”
- Jessica Kornhausl MA, PHR, Employment Manager, East Stroudsburg University

"I wanted to thank you - you opened my eyes to a world that I always knew was there but never knew how to explore...I now carry with me a new understanding or, rather, a discovered and uncovered peace and knowledge of and within myself. You made a difference, all the difference in my recovery."
- A. C., business owner

"Working with you has been an inspiration. You are so real and you tell it like it is. I thank you for all your wisdom and will add it to my toolbox of recovery."
- C.L., writer

"I don't think I ever laughed so hard before...Great experience..."
- Shobo da Clown, aka Bill Shober, President, Kapo's Gang Clown Club

“I’ve been having many human experiences lately that have reminded me of things you taught me when I was a 16 year old girl... I have started meditating and yoga again and as soon as I begin either I begin to weep...its been truly amazing to stop and be in the moment and let the thoughts flow through me and then let them go. I remember years ago you teaching me to ground myself feel my roots in the earth ... this past week I was truly having a spiritual bottom I stopped and grounded myself and remembered my place in the universe and began to cry it was like coming home... I wanted to let you know I’m 39 now and your beautiful words are just as powerful today as they were all those years ago”
- T. B., mother and business owner

"I wanted to write you a short note to let you know how much you impacted my life. You have a gift that allows people to see color in their lives, whether it is through music or through creativity. Please continue to do the work you are doing. You lead by example, grace and love."
- B.K., nurse

“Peggy knows how to get to the heart of the matter... She offers a sense of safety and compassion. Her vast experience in counseling, music, yoga, meditation, wellness, movement and art provide her with a huge tool kit from which to operate. Peggy possesses a deep and quiet sense of wisdom...”
- Rev. Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW

"Peggy showed us how to tap into happiness!  And that's what stays with me from the experience...I know that I can always stop, where ever I am, and choose to feel that
 interconnecting joy bubble up." 
- Julia Cimmet, JD

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