- integrative wellness
 these are my favorite tools for transformation - consider the following a menu of choices:

You: Yes, you! We will use all of who you are, because your strengths and assets as well as your challenges and perceived obstacles are among your greatest resources.

Education: Learn the concepts and apply the practices from a variety of areas that lead to integrative wellness: effective communication and conflict transformation, stress management and resiliency-building, physical health and self-care, the development of  compassion and self compassion, and leading edge methods from the frontiers of  brain/mind/body research.  
Psychospiritual Counseling: Whether you are a member of a specific faith, someone who considers themselves to be on a spiritual path, or someone who is searching, I welcome the integration of your spirituality into the work we do together.

Yoga and Meditation: These time tested approaches to life and living offer a comprehensive view of integrative wellness and concrete, evidence-based practices that can lead to greater health and serenity.

The Creative Process: Resourcing  creativity and out-of-the-box thinking through music, art, writing, role play, movement, dance, metaphor and play can offer new perspectives and experiences that encourage shifts on all levels of being, from deeply held beliefs and feelings to present day relationships and behaviors.

Music Therapy and HealthRhythms© Drumming: Learn what the phrase "of sound mind and body" refers to as you engage in a variety of music and sound interventions individually tailored to your specific goals and challenges. Discover how music positively impacts physical, psychological, spiritual and social well being. 

Laughter Yoga and Laughter Wellness: The numerous benefits of laughter are well documented and celebrated.  The addition of laughter to any wellness program opens the door to increased joy, creativity, connection and health. 

photo AP Chris Carlson

The Unknown: When doing transformational work, you never know from when or where a resource you hadn't thought of will appear. We stay open to it all...

Curiosity          Creativity          Compassion          Connection          Commitment


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